Some people think that they can learn much more by themselves than if they work with a teacher Others think that it is always better to get help from a skilled teacher Which do you prefer Use specific reasons to support your choice

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Some people think that they can learn much more by themselves than if they work with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to get help from a skilled teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your choice.

People’s way of studying heavily influence their grade of and attitude towards classes. Personally, I believe that getting help from professors can be beneficial for students. I have three rationales for holding this opinion, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, pupils can understand concepts of academic disciplines readily by asking specific questions from their tutor. Many individuals face some problems related to their lesson because there is a ton of ambiguous terms and theories on subjects that they learn. If learners are endeavoring to learn by themselves, they will have hard times to comprehend difficult ideas on the lesson. On the other hand, students who study with tutor are available to understand the topic by asking questions from their professors. Of course, teachers can explain the unclear ideas by deconstructing or relating to simple examples in order to make it clear. Consequently, individuals with tutors will have less problems of understanding than people who study alone.

Secondly, some students cannot distinguish wrong ideas from correct ones, but their teachers can make it clear. Many people think that their understanding about the topic is completely correct although it contains some incorrect knowledge. Therefore, they may start learning things erroneously, basing on the wrong information which they consider authentic. However, professors can help pupils to recognize the problem. For instance, last year, I was learning mathematics in order to compete in the mathematics competition. I had nearly learned for three months by remembering and comprehending every theory and method of solving problems until I take the test of the competition. I thought that I would receive whole scores, in turn, reward of the first place. Unfortunately, I did not realize that things I learned was only correct on the surface. I failed to comprehend underlying ideas of the mathematics problems. If I had prepared for the exam with my instructor, I would have received better points by recognizing every concepts correctly.

Finally, most teachers tend to encourage the learners to immerse themselves in studying. Learning and taking tests can feel arduous and boring for some individuals, which signifies that they are likely to stop studying—if they are alone. Fortunately, most instructors are familiar with students’ this attitude to be easily discouraged. Thereby, they will incentivize pupils to exert themselves. Then, learners’ possibility of giving up will probably diminish thanks to the teachers. If individuals learn the lesson only by themselves, they will have no person to encourage them, which signifies that they may give up.

In summation, I am of the opinion that getting advice and help from professional teachers is the most efficient and advantageous way of learning concepts in fields of study. This is because instructors will answer particular questions, find the mistake of learners, and incentivize the students.

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