TPO-50 - Independent Writing Task

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TPO-50 - Independent Writing Task

With the accelerating development of our modern education system, various high-quality courses can be selected in a university. And there’s a violent debate that whether university student should take history classes even they are not majored in history. From my prospective, I disagree that history class becomes a mandatory for all students. My reasons and explanations are as follows.

In the first place, we cannot ignore the sobering fact that interests are the best teacher for youngsters. Thus, it could be a killing experience for young folks if they’re joining a class which they show no interests at all. For instance, I attended Shandong university in the year of 2011 and majored in teaching Chinese as a second language. At that time, I am so fascination in linguistics that I voluntarily join a Japanese language club. However, according to policy of China, students are required to take at least one political class such as the quote of Chairman Mao for every semester. Unfortunately, I didn’t show any interests towards there courses and little attention is paid to these curriculums. Accordingly, I always got a B in the final exams of these courses. In conclusion, same situation will happen to the folks who are not so into history courses. I firmly believe that the one who can indulge themselves into the field with great interests will the one who succeed.

In the second place, in order to have a nicer transcript, nowadays students spend more and more time on the projects that they’re working on, which brings about a heavy burden on their shoulders. Some complains are already been made by our classmates that they cannot ensure enough time to sleep and studying is indeed occupying their daily life. If the history classes become a mandatory one for every student no matter what field they’re working on, the situation could be much worse. How could a student achieve better academic performance if they still need to spend their time on other major, especially in the case that their daily assignments already devour their resting time. In the university where I attend, there will be no desks left in the library in the preparation period for finals. Everyone is staying in the library until the last second of closure, which is a typical scenery for every university in this country. In this circumstance, studying one more history course could really be the last break to destroy the dam.

Admittedly, according to a quote of one celebrity, history would be the mirror for a man. Nevertheless, there’re also other value courses like philosophy which can benefit a man as the same positive effects.

Conclusively, considering the fact that taking history class could present more stressful and depressed experience for students, I high advised that taking history courses should not be a compulsory course for everyone.

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