When in conflict, financially struggling school districts should offer classes in music rather than visual art.

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When in conflict, financially struggling school districts should offer classes in music rather than visual art.

A glance at teaching art in schools that are suffering from financial difficulty always bring light question that several times provoked discussions, that is, whether they have to invest their budget for music or visual art. Some people contend that if the school has only limitted choice for their art education, it should rather be invested for music class than painting or othe kinds of visual art class. However, I suggest that the choice should be visual art, in terms of cost saving and time efficiency. In the ensuing paragraph, I will try to shed some light on this point of view by providing amples examples and conpicuous reasons.
The exquisite point to be mentioned firstly is that it is cheaper to teach visual art than teaching music. There is a research that proves this standpoint. The federal governmet of art education US investigated two groups of public schools on the total amount of money they spend for art education. The result showed that the group of schools where they decided to use their money for music class spent around 20,000 dollars per year more than the group of schools who ran visaul art programs. This was due to the fact that musical instruments are expensive than buying tools needed for drawing or painting, and also shcools had to hire a music speciallist to sustain the condition of instruments, which cost them extra money.
Another point to be mentioned is that the education on music takes more time than teaching visual art. For example, it takes from minimum of several months to years to become able to play Clarinet properly. Nevertheless, all students have ability to observe an apple and are capable of draw things on paper at a girst look, with few lines of instruction. This demonstrates that shcools who try to give musical classes to kids or students should start their course from lower grades, and it's not appropriate for shcools where they are struggling with economic issues.
Although the foregoing points cross the mind at a first sight, it does not mean that they are the only one. Actually, there is another subtle perspective which must be borne in mind. It should be noted that getting engaged in visual art classes releases stress much effectively than the music classes do. For example, I had both music class and painting class when I was in middle school. And music class was especially stressful for me because I was not good at singing nor at playing piano. Instead, all I was waiting for the whole week was the painting class, because the teacher let students draw whatever they want and that clearly helped me to relieve my worrysome thoughts.
Due to the above mentioned ground, I firmly believe that schools where they are troubleshooting with financial problems should choose to give visual art classes than music classes, and economically acceessible tools and the benefit in time saving are two prime and momentous reasons.

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