At work or school you might encounter a problem that requires creativity for example you are given a task to complete that is very different from other tasks you do In work or school situation that requires you to think creatively would you prefer to work

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At work or school, you might encounter a problem that requires creativity -for example, you are given a task to complete that is very different from other tasks you do. In work or school situation that requires you to think creatively, would you prefer to work alone or with others? Why?

Throughout history, there have always been some new problems that have involved human kinds’ minds. Sometimes these attempts have failed by ordinary methods because this kind of problem could just solve by creative solutions. In this regard for this kind of unprecedented problem, some people are inclined toward the opinion that one’s should get help from others and solve it as a team, whereas others believe that doing it alone is more beneficial. From my vantage point, the former’s good points outweigh its bad points. In the following paragraphs, I will elaborate on my viewpoint through three noticeable reasons.

The first reason that supports my idea is that fixing new problems need broader knowledge. There are always problems that need profound knowledge in those areas that make it hard for one’s cope with. Therefore, it is rational that they consult with others and ask their ideas about probable solutions which cause would not only they have various options for problems but also it helps them to broaden their knowledge for such problems in the future. As a personal experience, when I was a student at the university I was working on a project related to the optimization of an algorithm that was completely new for me. So, I decided to ask my advisor to help me. As a result, we could find the best solution and my project was chosen as the best project which has had great effects on enriching my resume.

Another equally noteworthy point supporting the opinion is that working as a team for solving a novel problem takes less time. Without a shadow of doubt, when an individual works on a new task, since they are not familiar with the solution, they need to try different ways until they get to the correct solution. On the other hand, they may reach to the solution which is not the best. In contrast, when one’s works with a team, they could get help other team members. Also, they could hold a meeting with team members in order to share their ideas and clarifying different aspects of the problem. Thus, it leads to saving time and the problem could solve much faster than when a person wants to solve it alone. Furthermore, working as a team will increase the likelihood of getting an optimal solution.

It is confirmed that this idea has an enormous influence on reducing stress. Most of the people when face with new tasks or problems, will experience both anxiety and stress feelings. So, they can neither concentrate on their tasks properly nor find the best solution for the problem. That’s why there is a need for working on new tasks with others. It will help ones to relieve their stress and enhance their self-confidence to solve the problem. In this regard, a research has been conducted recently on a group of people in a company. First, the group was asked to solve a new task alone and second, they worked on the task as a team. This study has had significant results and has shown that when people worked alone, they were very nervous and just 30% of them could solve the problem. But, in the next experiment, they could reach the best answer very quickly and team members had much less stress than the first experiment.

To wrap it up, all the aforementioned reasons lead us to the conclusion that working as a team on new problems has important impacts such as enhancing everybody’s knowledge, saving time and reducing anxiety. However, that was a story in a nutshell. Obviously, there are many details, worth discussing, which are not mentioned here. It is highly recommended that every company helps its employees to not hesitate to question from other members by applying some techniques. This helps both the company and employees to boost themselves.

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