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TPO 11

The reading enumerates three averse effects of the decline of literature, but the lecturer rebutes all of them.

Firstly, the passage cites the benefits of literature and claims that the public would lose them if they are not reading literature. The lecturer, on the contrary, argued that other genre of books, such as scientific journal, could also bring people these benefits. Reduce in the number of literature readings does not mean people could not be intellectual stimulated.

Secondly, the passage declares that the public are turning to self-help books or other form of entertainment which are superficial. The lecturer, in contrast, suggests that there are plenty of culture forms that are more direct than literature. Listening to a good music or watching a good movie does not mean wasting time.

Lastly, the passage points out that many talented literature writers today lack support of publishers because of the poor standards of today's readers. The lecturer, however, attribute the writers' lacking support to themselves. Literature nowadays intends to be difficult, and even the old literatures readers would not read them.

In conclusion, the lecturer disagree with the reading totally and gives sound reasons to support his points.

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