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TPO 38

Both the reading passage and the listening section discuss the methods to protect the oak trees. The passage proposes some useful methods to stop the damage. However, the lecturer casts doubt on them and provides three refutations.

First of all, the essay mentions that humans would assist the ramorum spread widely. Nonetheless, the lecturer seriously refutes the statement by contending the reason that streams are much more impact than humans do. To elaborate, the fungus would follow the water and spread to everywhere they pass through. Moreover, the fungus could be easier to spread long distances by streams. Accordingly, the human would not be the main reason for spreading the disease.

Secondly, the article notes that a few chemicals can help to prevent trees from having fungus. On contrary, the lecturer strongly disputes the argument by suggesting that the chemicals cannot stand for a long period. That is, after a few months, the trees have to require to inject again. Moreover, there are millions of trees in the forest, and people have to inject all the trees. To be more specific, it is not a practical solution since it would spend too much time and money.

Last but not least, the passage proposes to eliminate all the trees in specific areas where it has been found diseased trees. Nevertheless, the lecture severely disagrees with this idea by pointing out that some of the vegetations are rare, and thus they cannot be easy to find. If people cut these trees down, these trees would not probably be found again. As a result, this proposal might cause another ecological damage.

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