Do you agree or disagree with the following statements Because people are busy doing so many different things they do very few things well Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Because people are busy doing so many different things, they do very few things well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I believe that although we cannot decide what kinds of family we are born, there is one thing that’s always fair to everyone, that is, time. From successful examples we can see that to succeed in certain fields require a tremendous amount of effort, which includes a huge amount of time without a doubt. There’s always 24 hours a day for everyone to utilize; therefore, I believe that it’s impossible to do everything well given that everyone shares this limitation.
To start off, I want to use an example of myself. As a student, the most common situation that pushes us to perform various tasks and to perform well at the same time is preparing for exams. End-of-year exams of different subjects usually comes in a roll, and from my experience, there’s no short-cuts to prepare so many subjects at once other than really spending the time to think through every problem carefully. Obviously, these effort takes time, and just like what’s mentioned in the introduction, there’s no way for people to do lots of things well when time is constrained.
The second thing worth mentioning is that while some people insist that the advances of technology allows more productivity to be achieved by a single person that wouldn’t have been possible in the past, I would argue that it’s very unlikely for machines to speed up the skills that requires physical practice. My friends for instance, has a dream to become a cook, but he struggles to achieve this goal because currently, he works in many places as a part-time employee where all he does is mundane tasks such as washing dishes instead of really specializing in cooking.
Finally, although the reason why I believe people cannot do things well when they are multitasking is mainly time, it only applies to people who concentrate when they are working. Back to my example of studying for tests, I found myself every difficult to study when my brother is playing YouTube videos loudly next to my room because my mind is simply not focused on the book. Therefore, even if I put in the time that is supposed to be sufficient for studying, my grades still don’t satisfy my expectation.
To sum up, given that time is the same for everyone, I strongly agree that people cannot to things well when they are involved in many other activities at one time because there’s simply not enough time.

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