Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

<span id="seid0" seid="0" class="gerrorbc">There</span> is no shadow of a doubt that since the dawn of humanity, people's relationships have undergone dramatic changes. Each connection has specific rules and consideration for itself. <span id="seid1" seid="1" class="gerrorbc">people</span> may look for honesty, loyalty, thoughtfulness, to name but a few, but no one can turn a blind eye to the importance of truthfulness in a relationship. <span id="seid2" seid="2" class="gerrorbc">when</span> it comes to this point, it is the question of many individuals that whether telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between <span id="seid3" seid="3" class="gerrorgu">persons</span> or not. <span id="seid4" seid="4" class="gerrorbc">personally</span> speaking, I <span id="seid6" seid="6" class="gerrorsc">am of the opinion that</span> being honest in every situation is the most pivotal factor to have a long-lasting friendship, marriage, business cooperation, and all kinds of relationships. In the ensuing paragraphs, I will delve into my reasons to elaborate on my point of view. <span id="seid7" seid="7" class="gerrorbc">first</span> and paramount reason <span id="seid9" seid="9" class="gerrorbc">comes</span> to my mind to <span id="seid10" seid="10" class="gerrorbc">substantiate</span> my answer is that truthfulness <span id="seid11" seid="11" class="gerrorbc">boost</span> the sense of trust and confidence in two sides of a relationship. As it is said, honesty is the best policy. In other words, people prefer to communicate with <span id="seid12" seid="12" class="gerrorgu">persons</span> who have the merit of honesty. <span id="seid13" seid="13" class="gerrorbc">when</span> our <span id="seid14" seid="14" class="gerrorbc">partner</span> <span id="seid15" seid="15" class="gerrorbc">know</span> that we prefer to tell the truth even when we are not the beneficiary, <span id="seid16" seid="16" class="gerrorsc">s/he</span> will be sure that in future <span id="seid17" seid="17" class="gerrorsc">s/he</span> can trust us. For instance, when our company went bankrupt, one of our co-working companies, which had a considerable number of project with us during the past years, proposed to give us a long term loan. At first, that <span id="seid18" seid="18" class="gated-error">offer surprised other</span> members of the company and me, but when we asked from that company the reason for this <span id="seid19" seid="19" class="gated-error">favour</span>, they answered that because of the <span id="seid20" seid="20" class="gated-error">long-time</span> cooperation based on truthfulness and honesty, they decided to help us get out of the bankruptcy. If we had not had an honest relationship with our co-working business partners, they would not have trusted us and gave us that loan. Another noteworthy reason in supporting my opinion is that telling the truth is much more comfortable in the long run. Although telling the truth may be hard for one on some occasions, it will dispense one with future lies. <span id="seid21" seid="21" class="gated-error">it</span> is evident that telling an infinitesimal lie leads to telling a chain of lies which are aimed to cover the very first lie. <span id="seid23" seid="23" class="gated-error">this</span> can cause nervousness and anxiety for the one who told the lie. To put it into a more vivid picture, take my own experience as an example. <span id="seid24" seid="24" class="gated-error">when</span> I was a teenager, I told a simple lie to my mom. <span id="seid25" seid="25" class="gated-error">after</span> that, I was always nervous about the repercussions of my lie and had to tell more lies to prevent my mom notice my first lie. <span id="seid26" seid="26" class="gated-error">after</span> a short period, I decided to tell the truth. Fortunately, my mom forgave me, and I took my lesson that in any dilemma of telling the truth or not choose the first one. <span id="seid27" seid="27" class="gated-error">having</span> told the truth, I became happy and relaxed. To <span id="seid28" seid="28" class="gated-error">wrap</span> it up, all reasons as mentioned earlier lead us to the conclusion that one should never hesitate to tell the truth because it makes him/her needless to future lies and strengthen his/her relationships to have durable social connections, economic partnerships and friendships.

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