Are government doing good in educating people to pay attention to the importance of the food nutrition and healthy eating

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Are government doing good in educating people to pay attention to the importance of the food nutrition and healthy eating?

It is imperative for any society to have healthy people, and governments play a vital role in this regard. One of the most important responsibilities of every government is educating people to eat healthily. While some think that authorities perform in a satisfactory way, in my opinion, they do not perform successfully, and they should try to reform some policies. I will state my explanations in the following paragraphs.
First of all, people’s state of health is convincing evidence that the government is not effectively informing them about the importance of what they eat. The number of individuals catching serious diseases is increasing. According to nutrient experts, many of these diseases are caused by their eating habits and are often associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Diabetes, the types of cancers, high blood pressure, and obesity are examples of illnesses that people are suffering from them due to the fact that they do not eat right. The signs of malnutrition are on the increase. If the government is enlightening people on having a healthy diet, then why are these harmful effects ever-increasing?
To add, these days, the government not only does not educate people in following a good and balanced diet, but it also theoretically and practically encourages them to eat unhealthily. To be more specific, the mass media is a powerful tool that can be used in order to teach people what principles should be noticed for making healthier food choices. Although the television set is still the most common media among families, the government exploit it to gain more financial profits instead of informing people. A big part of food advertisements is allocated to junk food, canned food, and frozen food, which are not nourishing and lead to a wide variety of diseases. In addition, students in schools are widely exposed to unhealthy foods. Therefore, the mainstream media are trying to attract people to poor nutrition, and unhealthy food is available easily for them.
In conclusion, the government is putting poor performance in training people to eat superfoods because it does not provide correct information about the right way of eating. Besides, various fast food and junk food are easily accessible to people. The development and increase of different types of diseases caused by eating habits are evidence of the fact that this judgment would be true.

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