Which of the following values do you think is most important to teach a young child Being honest Being helpful Being patient

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Which of the following values do you think is most important to teach a young child?
Being honest
Being helpful
Being patient

It is critically important for people to educate young children about good moral values. In my opinion, I think the most crucial value for a child is to learn about being patient. In the following essay I intend to put forth my arguments to support my view.

To begin with, patience is virtue and it brings amazing results which means it provides success in life of an individual. Success is a long journey which require hard work and preservance. The young children ususally rush for everything they wanted to achieve.Therefore, they should be taught about the value of forebearance so, they learn discipline in the life and get succeed. To exemplify, when I was in school I always got low grades in my all subjects. This embarrassed me everytime I got my result. I wanted to quit my studies because I can not tolerate my failure in the class among other students. My mother taught me to be patient and keep focus on my study because this was the key that will help me to achieve my path. As a result, I worked hard with preservance and finally my grades were improved. This would not have been possible without value of being patient in my life. Therefore, it is advantageous to provide education to a young child about being tolerant.

In addition, patience brings stability in the personality of an individuals which means it provides happy and healthy life. The person health is associated with the peace of mind which comes to those who wait patiently. People who have no tolerance become greedy which lead them into the criminal activity. A person therefore should learn about patient since childhood. For instance, when my cousin was young she always wanted her all desire to be fullfilled. She did have patience in her and do not bear if any one ignore her. This habit of her was grown into a big ego problem because of which she has now some pshycological disorder. This would not had happened to her if their parents have taught her about forbearance.
In conclusion, I prefer that patience is the most significant value for a young child to learn. This is because, it provides success in life of an individual ,and because it is a secret of happy and healthy personality.

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