Governments should spend more money in sponsoring arts than in athletics like state Olympics team

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Governments should spend more money in sponsoring arts than in athletics (like state Olympics team).

In the ever-changing world that we are living, many things definitely will be altered in a completely different way by 20 years later. In the last decades, people have experienced an enormous change in the type of educational facilities. People are more dependent on some kinds of information resources like e-books, and online books. Regarding this circumstance, a controversial question arises here as to whether in 20 years from now on, students will rule out printed books from their lives or not. I, personally believe that printed books will be used as much as previously.
First and foremost, if students want to stop reading printed books, they inevitably use the online or electronic version of them that is not convenient enough. With the advent of technology, people use numerous advantages of new facilities in daily life, however, these technological approaches sometimes are not depleted of disadvantages. Scientific studies revealed that looking at digital devices like a tablet, smartphones, and computers hurt eyes drastically because these devices have a kind of harmful radiation that makes eye diseases in a long time. Therefore, students cannot shift from printed books to electronic books easily. A personal example can drive this notion home. Once, at university, I had to read plenty of papers on the internet in order to accomplish a project. It was demanding for me because after several hours of spending time in front of the computer, I had an irritating feeling in my eyes. Hence, I think it is not possible to abandon printed books and turn to digital ones.
Second, printed books have significant merit for students as they can write a note in the margin of the book and highlight the important notion in each page. Many students prefer to make a summary of the material on each page and it helps them to consolidate knowledge in a better way so that for the exam they only need to read the notes and make a great score. Other resources do not provide such a medium for students because they are not as touchable as printed books and as a result, students lose this advantage. For example, when I wanted to take an exam at university, I had received a part of the material the day before the exam. I inevitably read those materials in my tablet. I remember because I could not write anything on the page, I could not concentrate on the notions very well. In this way my productivity in studying decreased dramatically.
In conclusion, taking two mentioned reasons into account, I believe that printed books are the best reading resources to study and students cannot exclude them from their study programs. These books not only are convenient and harmless for students' health, but they also offer more options like taking notes during studying and give the students more chance to have a more focused reading.

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Grammar and spelling errors:
Line 1, column 402, Rule ID: WHETHER[6]
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Suggestion: whether
...e, a controversial question arises here as to whether in 20 years from now on, students will ...

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also, but, first, hence, however, if, look, regarding, second, so, therefore, well, as to, for example, i think, in conclusion, kind of, as a result

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Better to have 5 paragraphs with 3 arguments. And try always support/against one side but compare two sides, like this:

para 1: introduction
para 2: reason 1. address both of the views presented for reason 1
para 3: reason 2. address both of the views presented for reason 2
para 4: reason 3. address both of the views presented for reason 3
para 5: conclusion.

So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

for example, we can always apply 'save time', 'save/make money', 'find a job', 'make friends', 'get more information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

or we can apply 'waste time', 'waste money', 'no job', 'make bad friends', 'get bad information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

It is not exactly right on the topic in the view of e-grader. Maybe there is a wrong essay topic.

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